Mio Slice - My favorite training tool

I have tried a lot of fitness trackers...and have been an early adopter of most of them: Fitbit, Nike, Apple Watch, Atlas, Garmin and more. Thanks to internet cookies I see a lot of ads for fitness trackers and one for the Slice popped up. Because, I have been struggling to find a fitness tracker that would work with my climbing training I bit and clicked the ad.I now own two MIO Slices and wear one constantly when not charging it.

I was fascinated by the science behind the MIO Slice.The algorithm the Slice to calculate PAI points is based on the HUNT study conducted over 25 years with over 45,000 people.I like that earning PAI points becomes more challenging as my fitness increases.The Slice measures calories burned using your heart rate and not steps and uses the heart rate measurements to calculate PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). PAI is a simplified measure of activity and the health benefits of that activity.The goal is to keep your weekly PAI number over 50 and hitting 100 p…